Meet Libi

LIBI is our proven process where we define, test, build and implement your Business Online Success System (BOSS)

We build Business Online Success Systems for Small Businesses

With over 500+ clients and 1200+ projects over the last 15 years, we know that offering individual services, “a la carte”, does not drive long term, predictable results. Systems do that.

And to build reliable Systems, you need a Process.

Ours is called LIBI  👏 .

Libi is a 4 Step Process and stands for Learn, Inspire, Build and Implement.

Every project starts with a statement from you

I need/want ______(result) to/when ______(action).

ex.  I WANT more people to find my website WHEN they search for my products online.

If you want to read more about Statements and Objectives, read our Focus On These 3 Things to Grow article

LIBI : Learn, Inspire, Build and Implement.

Step 1 - Learn

Audit your platforms, your market, competition, define your Audience. Nail down the prequistes to any Online Success System.


We do a quick review and adjust sprint. We work with you to check off all the pre-requisites to build your BOSS effectively.

We start with our Online Success Jumpstart

The key output is the definition of the Business System we are proposing to build together. Example of Systems BOSS – System examples

Step 2 - Inspire

Craft the right messages for various platforms and audiences, and incentives, find your overall brand’s voice that will power your System.

Depending on the system we will also create the Content Strategy, Publishing Calendars, Email Series Outlines, Topical Clusters, Keyword targeting, Lead magnet and promotional offers, Referral and Loyalty programs and much much more.

Step 3 - Build

Setup your Tools, Platforms, Tests, Funnels, Metrics, Design and Build your System.

This is where Strategy and Tools meet.

We will setup and test the required tools like Email platforms, Image and Content creation assist tools, Website relaunch, Landing page layouts, Social Media profile adjustments, Content Writing Drafts, A/B testing of Ads and Messaging and any other tooling we need to make your System work and reusable by You.

Step 4 - Implement

With everything in place, Execute, measure, adjust, iterate, document. Your System goes Live.

This is the fun part!

We publish, launch, track, convert, adjust and tweak until we get to the goals we set out to achieve. Knock them out one by one.

We also document the whole process and build tutorials for your team to re-use the whole system or how to contribute to parts of it.

We Help 500+ Small Businesses

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