Have you ever asked yourself:

> How can I make sure people find me when they need what I do?
> How can I make sure potential clients know about my expertise?
> Is the money I’m spending on ads actually getting me more revenue?
> What should I be posting about on social media?
> How many people actually use my website and how?
> How are people searching Google for things that I offer?
> How can I lower the cost of attracting new clients?
> What are my competitors doing for Ads, reviews and social media?
> How do I respond to good & bad reviews?

You're not the only one !

Most small business owners will try a little bit of everything online to get more clients, they will come away confused about how to do what with the new shiny online thing they found, don’t get the results and make less new revenu than they actually spent trying to make it.

At Pixel Trail, we focus on the things that are at the core of all these questions.

Working with over 500 small business owners, we developed a process to guide you through a clearfocused and proven strategy to grow your business using your online platforms (website, social and email).

Every day we speak with small business owners and they all share a similar feeling of confusion around online marketing. That confusion is often fuelled by agencies who use geek-speak in order to blur the image and make their clients dependant on their so-called “expertise” without prioritizing what their client’s actual business goals are.

Sound refreshing ?  Read on…

Building a strong, meaningful presence online is hard, the technology and lingo is confusing and an ever changing landscape of algorithms, marketing traps, tools that are meant more for geeks than business owners. 

So how are business owners supposed to grasp all of it, make a plan, execute, measure and adjust?

We understand how hard this is, and that’s why we have been relentlessly working at it with small businesses for well over a decade. 

We leverage an effective use of process & technology. It’s so easy to get swamped in tools and gadgets and apps, get derailed in what we are trying to get done. We excel at finding the right tool for every task and integrating into an efficient process that can be executed in partnership with our clients.

Our Mission is to help small business strive on the web...

We openly share our findings, ideas and recommendations in our blog

If you use the information we provide and do it on your own, then great! We’re truly happy that we could help!

If you need do require some expertise to get going, we’d love to have a chat with you and see if there’s a “click”  : )

Our Story…

…begins like a tale of David and Goliath

We were basically two entrepreneurs running a small but successful web developer shop. We were mainly doing subcontracting work for larger agencies & media companies.  We were also working on developing operational efficiency software applications at the time.

One day, a Goliath media company decided to restructure. We recognized & jumped on an opportunity to purchase their website client base which they operated at a huge loss, with a team of about 30 people.

We implemented a combination of best in class tools, processes and custom developed the missing software pieces to build a highly productive, client focused agency with local talent.

Today our small team of amazing and talented associates deliver better services, to more customers, with higher satisfaction levels than Goliath ever managed to deliver at a loss .

Our Guiding Principles

As we continue to grow and evolve, our core values remain the cornerstone of our agency’s identity. We prioritize life/work integration, ensuring that our team members lead balanced lives. Inclusivity is in our DNA; we communicate clearly and make everyone feel valued. We’re not just about transactions; we’re about building lasting relationships and contributing meaningfully to our communities. Innovation drives us to develop tools that focus on delivering value rather than mundane tasks. We’re committed to continuous learning and always put health and family first.

Making a Difference

We’re not just about digital landscapes; we’re equally passionate about the physical world around us. Our agency has made substantial contributions to the preservation of natural habitats, including lakes, forests and trail networks. We’ve also extended our expertise to proudly support food banks and social assistance programs, making a tangible difference in the lives of those less fortunate. Our involvement doesn’t stop there; we are active board members of a beautiful protected trail network, further emphasizing our commitment to community well-being.

The Great Outdoors

The importance of the outdoors resonates deeply with us. Nature is not just a place for recreation; it’s a source of inspiration, a haven for mental well-being, and a community asset that must be preserved and enhanced for future generations. Our commitment to the outdoors aligns with our broader mission of building strong, meaningful presences—both online and offline.

Let’s get to know each other

Whether you’re looking to build your online presence or make a positive impact in your community, we’re here to help.

At Pixel Trail, we’re more than just a digital agency; we’re your partners in achieving success in every sense of the word.

If you like what your reading and would like to know more about us, please reach out! 

 We’d love to hear from you!

Our Amazing Team

A.K.A. PTs codeMonkeys, Mountaineers, Rock Stars... Our Family

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