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Get out of the never-ending online marketing maze and say goodbye to mind-melting months lost in the Marketing Blog-verse or in the YouTube research rabbit holes.

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Simply put: To grow your online business, you need a result-driven System to scale your sales that remove most of the marketing guesswork, all but eliminates financial risk for you and uses simple business drivers that are easy to understand… Yes, you will get it. No need to Google them… promise.

Take a step back, and simplify how you think about online growth. It’s the same as regular business growth. It relies on three main business drivers:

By steadily increasing these three, in the right order to the right audience, with the right messaging, you will have them compound each other. You will achieve steady and rapid growth for your online business.

Huh? Let’s do some simple “fun” math together

A typical approach to doubling your revenue would be, “let’s get twice the number of clients!!” (aka: the jack of all trades agency approach) right?

So, if you start with:

					100 CLIENTS (C) placing 1 ORDER (OF) worth 40$ (AV) = $4,000 revenue

Pretty simple to extrapolate that doubling your number of Clients (c) will result in double the revenue:

					200 CLIENTS (C) placing 1 ORDER (OF) worth 40$ (AV) = $8,000 revenue

Although that is possible with large marketing and Ad budget, to double your clients, this type of initiative by itself will suck out most of the profitability of that revenue increase, and make the Agency, Google and Facebook a lot of money…

Let’s try something else to double your revenue ok?

Getting back to our process, if we use all three business drivers: Clients (C), Order Frequency (OF) & Average Value(AV), we can easily double revenues by increasing each driver by ONLY 30%, and using a compounding effect.

So, if you start with the same scenario:

					100 CLIENTS (C) x 1 ORDER (OF) x 40$ PURCHASE (AV) = $4,000 revenue.

Now let’s increase each one of those variables by ONLY 30%:

					130 CLIENTS (C) x 1.3 ORDERS (OF) x 52$ PURCHASE (AV) = $8,788 revenue. 


See the magic unfold? You can more than double your revenue by a simple and realistic 30% increase in each with much less ad spend…

By increasing the number of Clients(C) by a small amount, COUPLED with a slight increase in how often they order (OF) and how much they order each time(AV), we’ve achieved better results for much less hard dollar Advertising expenses.

The order in which you implement those increases also matters: By sequentially enhancing the Average Value (AV) and Order frequency (OF), we ensure that your Ad spend increasing the number of Clients (C) works twice as hard, allowing you to retain a greater portion of the increased sales in profits. Tadaa! Told you you’d get it right?

Sure, this approach is more work, INITIALLY, and has more things for you to learn, but that’s the point, you will LEARN how to do them. 

At PixelTrail we can build those Business Online Success Systems with you, you will know HOW they work, how to ENSURE they work, and how to TWEAK them over time.

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